Friday, May 18, 2012

Fifth... What If

I'm still reading this 11/22/63 a novel by Stephen King. A story wherein a certain Jack Epping went in the past to save JFK from assassination.

What if we can really go back in time?.. What if you will be given a chance to correct something that's already been done? Will you grab it?

I've done too much in past. Failures. Hurt somebody and made them cry. Friends turned to foes then friends again, but leaving a broom between us. Things that you will regret from time to time. Things that also hurt you and left a scratch in you.

There are things that we will be really tempted to change. But for me, I will say no. Those are already part of me. Its because of what i've done in the past that made me who i am now. It strengthened me. Molded me to be a better me.

I will just stay focus on tomorrow, for it can be changed to the future i've always wanted. And if it will not turn out to the things we sought after, it's Gods plan and surely a better door is waiting for us...

Past is obdurate as Mr. King said. What important is the present.

Have a good day.

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