Friday, November 2, 2012


im back...

Reasons for hiatus.
1. Pouring of projects from Governmet.
2. Internet was down for almost 2 months.
3. Laziness. Sometimes I really don’t feel like writing and that I don’t have anything to say.

Im Back… Why?
1. I miss blogging. I mean, im not a good writer but I feel like I’ve been missing something.

New plans. ????
1. I’ll make this a photo blog..maybe
2. A travel blog maybe with pictures…not sure..
3. A book review…hmmm
4. A rant blog…o don’t wanna be a sample for cyber crime hehe
5. I guess I’ll just anything I want. Then I’ll decide soon.

Tropical storm sandy just literally slaughtered East Coast. No current, diminishing supplies, nerves are cracking, patience is lessening, but hope is still there. Let us all pray for all our brothers affected. One thing is for sure, when nature strikes even the most powerful and prepared country cannot do anything.