Saturday, April 13, 2013

PaanoPinoy - Pinoy Information Site

The site was started by my good friend Mary Rose ( Sent me an invitation which i accepted (but i self volunteered actually). This is where we share knowledge to our kababayans areas we're familiar or that we have basic know-how. Readers can also ask or suggest what topic they want to know more. We'll be glad to help.

Anyway, I'm done with my first article It’s all about SIM and how to convert your old SIM to use in the latest Iphone 5. I bought my new phone last week and immediately i've seen the problem on how to activate the unit. It's already unlocked but you still need a nano sim in order for it to work. So i hunted for an old sim, do the instructions as i mentioned in the blog and hoorah, i got my phone worked.

Instead of going to your provider and asking for a SIM, then do it yourself. No money wasted. Or other alternative is that you buy a cutter which will cost you a lot.

Anyway. Please do visit the site, its in tagalog, but the PDF in there is in English so please feel free to copy and share.


  1. you're a genius! i have an old sim now i just need a new! ghhhaaaa I need to keep up with these technologies. But really i think this is pretty neat to lend a huge helping less costly advise to our kababayans abroad.

  2. Lai, good morning.
    Thanks...yes...specially here, SIMs are costly, so in order to activate an iphone, you really need an old sim..Pinoys will not find it hard to look for old sims, afterall, we lways carry with us two or more SIMS...

    hehe...that's a problem..i don't know how to cut old phones...just kidding..thanks for visiting