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Book Review : Titan's Curse, Book Three Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

Book Review,
Titan’s Curse
Book Three Percy Jackson Series
By Rick Riordan

The book was written by Rick Riordan, a Texas-based author, taught English and social studies for eight years, then turned novelist. Awarded Master Teachers Award in 2002. He wrote the first part of this series in 2005 which was later on adapted to movie. He is also the voice behind the hit series The Kane Chronicles and the follow up to Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus series. And on 2015, he’s planning to pen again a new series which will have a Norse-mythology theme.

The book, which is based in Greek Mythology, mainly focused on the adventures of the protagonists as they solve mysteries which involve the Gods and Goddesses, and yes they are alive and kicking and still fighting each other even this 21st century.
And even violated their own rules not to have sons/daughters to a human, and created more heroes, the demigods. Now enters the Percy Jackson, the main character, he is the offspring of Poseidon, the God of the Seas and a mortal mother, Sally. As a demigod, he is dyslexic and has ADHD. Another heroine is Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, a strong willed woman, intelligent, an architect aspirant and has an invisibilty cap. Part of the team is Thalia, daughter of Zeus, a hot tempered lady and has superiority complex due maybe to the status of her father and that she’s the oldest. And finally, Grover, a satyr, a goat boy. He is dedicated to find Pan, the Lord of the Wild, and somewhat an interesting part of the story.

The story opens up as Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Thalia, seek to the aide of Grover who finds two new demigods, Nico and Bianca. With the help of the Hunters which was led by deity Artemis, they successfully saved the two recruits but eventually lose Annabeth in the process. The plot will be focused mainly on saving the heroine as well as the deity for she will also be captured. What is interesting, which make this a hard-to-put-down book, are the twists and turns which were strategically located per chapter. Also knowing who Thalia really is, for in the second installment of the series, she was saved from being a tree through the Golden Fleece. Grover the satyr, made the whole situation a light one by his humors and constantly throwing a comment from everywhere (and he loves dam cookies…). Another surprise and exciting is his abilities, which is presented on this book and been very useful in their escape most of the time.

The book is very well written, for because it was intended as bedtime story for his children, Riordan explains every detail in a simple way. And while educating the reader about Greek Mythology, you will be captivated to a whole new world of the deities. But what is interesting is the character given to Percy Jackson, and some of the demigods. They are sometimes rude to elders, not following rules and most of the time fighting with authorities, I mean the Gods. If this was really for young ones then I think it’s better if protagonists should behave as what they are expected to be and be role models. Another disturbing is the way he kills some of the characters, maybe a little bit gore sometimes, and maybe too much for a very young reader.

With that being said, the book is still a good read. A kind of feel-good novel and can bring back memories of your childhood. As the book ended up and presented other mysteries for the next installment, it will make you eager to hold the next book. As for me, I’ll definitely check that one again.

I give this book, 4 out of 5 Hard Hats. (I typed "star" earlier but changed to hard hat, it suit me maybe for being an engineer hehe). I love it and I recommend it.

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  1. very nice review Engr! i love greek mythology and this is one of the few YA series that captured the essence of these gods and goddesses that i love as a teen and now they have a place in modern fictional world :)

  2. Helder, one of may favorite series. Yung last book, isang basahan lang. Couldn't contain the excitement sa ano pang mangyayari.

  3. Laila, thanks for reading,,yes i'm planning to read all the books of Rick, as well as the books ou're suggesting...

    @KathyKat, yes, im loving it now...but i have to stop and have to read the Lost Girl First...please do visit again for my next review..

    Happy reading my friends

  4. Loved the Percy Jackson series but even more so the Heroes of Olympus series by the same author. I agree that it's a fun and effective way of making kids familiar with Greek Myth.

    And I think the movie adaptation of book 2 is also underway. Excited for that. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting Ms. Tin.

      Yes, I think so, the movie will surely be another hit...but i like the 3rd installment, hopefully they will complete the series...