Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sixth. Why, How

Last May 25, 2011, it's my first year working here in GTMO. I never imagined i can finish one whole year here. In all those months, i'm always thinking about resigning, but then i didnt passed anything. Maybe because of the air fare i will be forced to pay (2000+USD)..my route will be on London that's why.

Many things happened here. Memorable and forgetable ones. But still i spent a year of my life in this part of the world.

This past few days. Ive read 2 books. John Green's Looking for Alaska and Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game.

As I'm looking back to the stories I've read, there are so many things that are common to this two.

First, the protagonist is a boy who's not at age yet. Second, both of them is looking for something.

Miles (Looking for Alaska) is in searh for his Great Perhaps, which eventually he found with Alaska and his buddy chip and for Ender (Ender's Game) he is looking for someone to  recognize him, to love him. Both i think is successful on what they are looking, Miles achieved it by joining Alaska and His gang in, not that bad ways, but more on growing-up-teenager ways, by smoking, playing pranks and jokes. However, Ender did it by working hard and focussing on what is his real goal, not be distracted with anything even with the one he truly love.

Anyway, next book will be Game of thrones By George RR Martin, Liesl and Po, and Unholy Night by Seth Graham Smith.

Have a nice day.

And O, I've watched live performance of Vertical Horizon. They are really amazing...one of my favorites is Best I've Ever Had.


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