Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In My Last 35 Days Here in GTMO

Aside from reading books, I happen to have a DSLR camera, I bought it when I was still in Saudi Arabia. Because of their culture and some restrictions I haven’t practiced enough looking through the lenses. Not until when I came here in GTMO. Luckily I have a friend architect who is very good in this field. I really learned a lot from him, and as we attended photography seminars, he became really obsessed. He even bought two, yes two 1200+ USD worth lenses, quite envious but I can’t afford those. So I sticked with my D3100 Nikon, with 35-55mm lens and shoot. Here are some of my images taken here.

Alas, I only have 35 days left here in GTMO. Philippines..I’m coming home.

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More to's hard to upload pix with this connection


  1. yes very nice photos Heldie...i have a lot of friends who are into photography but i'm sticking to my user friendly digi cam that is very handy and not heavy like DSLR camera's! although they take very clear and sophisticated shots. See you sometime in June engr he3x! or kayo nalang ni Malot mag kita2x kung nasa northern part ka, coz im in the visayas region kasi.

  2. Yes, and it's so awkward to take your own photo, so huge hehe

    anyway, yes june...

    malot is in tarlac, san ka sa visayas Lai???

  3. oi heldervet, uuwi ka na pala...papakasala ka na? hihihihihi

  4. Great shots I especially liked the first picture.

    1. thanks Ams..i've seen your blog now..and now following you..
      thanks for visiting,,,
      God bless...

      Long live Filipinos