Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tersera. WHY

There are two things that I've stumbled upon this week. First a blog which i added today on my reading list (blog of Ms. forgotten and because of the song I don't Know Why You Loved Me) and an article about the Bataan Nuclear Plant which i like to write something.

Discussions about Marcos' wealth, martial law, achievements and even the burial of the late president have obtained a never ending cycle status, a topic that goes on and on. Questions about their alleged corruption and wealth have gone a long way. But I'm wondering why people always criticize the wrong things they've done (if its true). Why not praise the achievements. All of us i think have benefited from one or two of his projects, the LRT maybe, San Juanico Bridge or perhaps the electricity your enjoying.

As Ive read the article entitled " A Monument to Pinoy Stupidity : The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant" by Fallen Angel, I've realized how right he is, not on the stupid word he used, but maybe just ignorant.

Being an Electrical Engineer, we studied electricity and what is the most reliable producing plant of them all. Its the Nuclear power plant. Just imagine life if the plant operated. We should have never known the meaning of brown out and the word "naputulan ng koryente". Candles will just be used in cemeteries. And charges should not reach the 30 cents USD per kWh (US is only charging 11.20 cents USD and Canada 10.78 cents USD why is that?? One reason maybe is that because of their Nuclear Plants, USA has 104 plants while Canada has 18.

The BNPP should have been one of the redeemer of the sufferings of the Filipinos. The PI should have been one of the first Asian countries that benefited from the technology. But why??? Why we didn't took the risk when all we have to do is push the green button?

Environmental issues have been thrown even during and after the construction of the Bataan Plant. Its radiation effects and that its on fault line. But take a look at Japan, a country where everyday an earthquake is a common thing, they have a total of 50 plants. Filipinos then always say why take a risk it's unsafe, sooner or later it will be another Chernobyl. Why we didn't took risk? Stupidity. Ignorance. And being narrow minded.

After the Marcos era, why there is no initiative to refurbished the plant? Why? Simpleton. Politics. Remember the Japanese saying about the butterfly effect? That a single flap of its wings can cause a tsunami?.. I think that's what in the mind of the governments that replaces Marcos. Talks have been made before to restore the plant but it didn't even materialize even just a simple site visit. They are just anxious that in this project they are admitting that in here, Mr. Marcos has been correct after all, and that it could lead to praising his other projects until people will ask, "is he really bad president, or is the EDSA a mistake after all", then the Marcos will rise again etc. etc...butterfly effect amigo.Let me site some words of Mr. Fallen Angel "Especially with the current government, I understand in a way why governments after Marcos did not want to revive the BNPP. Most especially for the Aquinos, it would be an epic slap in the face for them and their oligarch friends to use something that Marcos had the foresight to plan. They didn’t want to turn off the minds of their “enlightened” voter/consumer base now, did they?.
Your right Mr. FA. Somebody will always shout..IN YOUR FACE from ilocos..LOL..

Lastly, for my own opinion, the BNPP should have been operated. Filipinoes should learn how to take a step even if there's a dog poo in front, your idiot if you step on it, just take a big leap and the poo is history. Walk Pinoy..Walk.


I don't know if there's anybody reading my blog, if there's somebody who'll stumble on this. You can leave a comment or just a smiley (or an angry smiley is that correct?? hehe)

Anyway. Pardon me for the grammatical errors, as i always joke about, being an Engineer, I'm used on numbers but not on words.

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