Tuesday, April 30, 2013

John Dies at the End by David Wong - BOOK REVIEW

John Dies at the End was written by David Wong, aka Jason Pargin in real life. Published as webserial in 2001, because of its success and number of readers (spread through word of mouth as Dave mentioned) it was then printed as paperback in 2007. David Wong is a data entry clerk turned writer, this was his first novel, a sequel entitled This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It was released on October 2012.

John Dies at the End follow the story of David Wong and presented in his POV. Dave, is self-centered and a bitter guy. His only friend is John, and sometimes hard to be acquainted with and chooses to be by himself for some reasons maybe influenced by his past. But as the plot continues, he will slowly redeem himself and will show the other side of him, aside from being the ever loyal bestfriend to the end he passes also for being a hopeless romantic, in his own ways of course.

 What I really enjoyed are the antics of John, the other protagonist. I laughed a lot during his fight using the chair, and bashing it to the wig monsters. He find ways to incorporate the word “chair” in between his moves (I sentenced you death by a chair. etc. etc.) and that makes it very funny. Another thing is that despite of all their misfortunes he always turns the mood in a different way with just his one-liners, that’s John the best friend.

The book started by a question whether an ax that is used overtime, change the handle, then replace the wedge blade if it will also be the same ax  This seems like an odd question but at the end of the story, why the question is asked will be answered and why it is relevant. John Dies at the End is suspense, horror comedy novel. This is a mashed up of Ghostbusters/GhostFighter (anime,yuyuhakusho) wherein they have to battle the dark side but in a comic way plus all the holy water and peculiar gadgets/weapons.

The monsters and villains were also witty and funny. They have been detailed as gory as ever but with all the side comments made by the protagonists and the ability to say effing word very frequently, and let’s not forget how they are named (Shitload is the best monster there haha), you tend to forget they’re not hesitant to behead a person anytime.

The plot has been very well presented and laid out beautifully by Wong. Right from the start you will be enthralled with all the mysteries that surround them, most especially the first and second part. And this ended with a very loud BANG on the third and last. Until the end you will end up guessing and looking forward to unravel the mystery. And Wong succeeded in that, it really is the ingredient for a successful suspense novel.

Forgive all the cursings and profanity by the characters and you got a very good, hard to put down book.
 It has been a roller coaster hell of a kind read for me. And definitely I will have to grab its second installment.

Now..did John really died at the end? or who really died? It's for you to find out.

4 of 5 Hard Hats. Nice read for my April-end post.

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  1. sounds very gory and yet entertaining at the same time Heldie...so did John really died @ the end??? hehehehe.

    1. thanks lai...next stuff is the book of the month, o..YA challenge hehe

      did john died?? hmmm i recommend you read it hehe...for a change...hehe